We are dreamers and doers. Our team comprises experts in NLP, mBraining, Medical Science, Psychometry, Design Thinking, Industrial Psychology, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Film Making, Law, Mathematics and Yoga; all united with one single purpose: To make a measurable difference to every life we touch.

Sagar Vishwas
Founder and CEO

Sagar is an International NLP Master Trainer and mBIT Coach. He has helped companies and individuals find their true potential and achieve their outcomes.

His interventions have helped people overcome learning difficulties, speech challenges, chronic pain, relationship issues, phobias, and move their lives onto upward spirals of growth and happiness. The teams he has worked with have displayed greater coherence, creativity and focus and have delivered better results for their organizations. Entrepreneurs have taken their businesses to higher levels of performance.

Sagar is passionate about creating new methodologies and technologies to help people do more and be more.

Sagar lives in Hyderabad, India.

Robert Smith
Director & Lead Coach

Robert Smith is a Catalyst of Change, an internationally renowned Leadership Development Consultant, Psychotherapist and Resilience Coach. Robert specialises in using the most powerful developmental psychologies to enable people to realise their individual potential.


Robert is Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistics for both INLPTA and ABNLP. Director of Change for TREACLE ACADEMY UK and Professor of Coaching and Counselling for the REFUAH INSTITUTE Jerusalem He has been awarded 3 Honorary Doctorates and to date he has taught people from over 100 different countries.


Robert’s considerable experience and depth of psychological knowledge makes him an impressive consultant. His track record of success, coupled with his own passion for excellence has proved to be a powerful combination.

Robert lives in Scotland

Liz Bailey

Liz started her career as a psychotherapist, and turned to coaching. She has trained and coached across the globe.

Liz specializes in Transactional Analysis, Time Line therapy, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

She believes that people need not  be in therapy  for months or years. She has created an incredibly effective model, Hypnotic Transformation. People have found success and most of all, freedom from carrying too much baggage for too long.

Her clients are mainly private consults for a variety of issues like, stress and anxiety, food disorders, addictions, public speaking, confidence and fixing past childhood trauma.

Her five day workshop helps practitioners of various modalities to learn her techniques and become masters of people development.

Liz lives in Scotland.

Rama Sarode

Rama is a Master in Law and Master in Sociology, She has been working on issues of human rights for the past 18 years. She has trained thousands of police officials, bureaucrats, educationalists, social workers and lawyers on various Human Rights issues and for effective implementation of laws and for  legal literacy.

She is a celebrated speaker on television as a subject matter expert.

She works with more corporates, educational institutes, government offices and NGOs as external member to stop sexual harassment of women at workplace. She is also the member of the Local Committee for Pune District.

She is a Certified Trainer of NLP. 

Rama lives in Pune, India.

Meera Natarajan
Meera Natarajan

"I get what I want" That's Meera Natarajan for you. Mathematician, Academician, avid reader and a go getter. She's taught and mentored thousands of students and has been working on ways to impact millions. After a decade in academics Meera embarked on a journey of self discovery and the personal breakthroughs she achieved prompted her to share these learnings with her students. She realized that anybody can become very successful at what they want when one has the right beliefs and takes actions to make things happen. Her signature training program, Success Programming, has helped students to achieve incredible results. Meera is a Certified NLP Trainer and an mBIT coach .She is pursuing her Masters in Psychology. Meera lives in Pune, India.

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