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In challenging times do you find yourself creating a change or reacting to change
Have you heard some people complaining, while some are taking action now and are seeing great results?
When massive challenges (VUCA) hit the world, we see people losing work and income, relationships breaking down,
physical and mental health deteriorating, and an atmosphere of cynicism and hopelessness overall.
Our present is a product of our past thoughts and actions. And present actions will have an impact on the future.
Being able to analyze the potential problems will help you take control of the situation effectively.
Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool for change and achievement.
It helps you to create more choices and choose your emotions and actions proactively.
Thus, making you a master of your life rather than the slave of your circumstances,
habits, patterns or conditioning from your childhood.
Would you agree that the longer we learn something the better we get at it?
Think of the things you are really good at and how long you spent becoming good at it.
At MyGrowthZone we have the most experienced trainers who have set the highest standards in learning NLP.
Our Professional Practitioner is 130 hours long and our Master Practitioner is 200 hours long.
Because we do not believe in short cuts.
There’s a lot of content on NLP available for free on the internet!
Well, there’s also a lot of content on how to swim.
Does it make you an expert swimmer?  

NLP was born out of curiosity. Successful people from different fields were studied and modeled to create winning formulae for you .

Our brains are rapid learning machines. It has the ability to change and adapt. New neural pathways are formed when we learn anything. NLP can accelerate all forms of learning. ‘You can’t always control what happens , but you can always control how you deal with it’. – Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP

NLP is an approach that helps us in understanding our mind and make behavioral choices. It helps us to bring change in our perceptions, thoughts, language and patterns to achieve our goals. It also helps us in developing our logical, emotional and intuitive intelligence.

In other words, it helps us to redesign our lives.


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Google ‘NLP Practitioner’ or ‘NLP Master Practitioner’ and you will see a plethora of program offerings like some Practitioner Programs range from 32 hours (4 days), to 56 hours (7 days) of in-class.

A few are 130 hours long but that would mean about 15 days in class. That would seem impractical to most participants although it gives the best learning outcomes.

Our Key Differentiators

We bring you the best of both worlds. Our blended 130 hour Professional Practitioner and 200 hour Master Practitioner programs cost less and bring the best value.



The content in an in-class program is often forgotten in a few weeks. Our pioneering blended system of co-learning, coaching, webinars, activities and in-class workshops ensure the best understanding and integration.

The downloadable documents give you the details of the highest standards we set in our NLP Training.


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