How to deal with job loss.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

January 1, 2018, 8:00 am. My wife and I were having our first coffee of the year and unlike other days we were talking about "life". Laughing at ourselves over forgotten resolutions of 2017. At one point, however, the chat became a little objective and we started talking about the skills we had developed in the last few years, and thankfully, we had a few to talk about.

We talked about how I transitioned my career from a sales and business development role to being a trainer and coach. It was about 40 days of classroom training in Neuro Linguistic Programming over a two year period, a bunch of books, loads of videos, and some 'net practice' (about 2000 hours) that helped me to gain the confidence I needed to make a career shift.

Again in 2017, when I decided to create video content, about 400 hours of online learning on equipment and basic techniques and some guidance from professionals later I was able to make training videos for my clients.

With a few resources, and focussed effort we can pretty much build a new skill every year, thoroughly enjoy the process, keep our brains young, and possibly build a new career.

Learning not just brings great joy but it also gives us the confidence to weather uncertainly in our careers.

Uncertain is the new certain. Being multi-skilled with the right mindset can help you prepare.

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